Finders Keepers

A while ago I stumbled upon a flash fiction competition sponsored by NPR called Three-Minute Fiction.  Their round 11 premise was “Write a story in which a character finds an object that he or she has no intention of returning.”  I found the premise very interesting but unfortunately had missed the entry deadline.  However, I was inspired to start writing a collection of stories based on that premise. I found the idea of people finding unusual objects and how they might react to it intriguing.  Things like someone else’s dream, someone else’s last breath, or a jar of sunshine.

The stories here in my Finders Keepers collection reflect those musings although they don’t all conform exactly to the original premise nor do they usually conform to the competition’s word limit of 600, although they do meet the generally agreed upon flash fiction limit of 1000 words or less.

I will periodically keep adding to the collection on this page and of course, I’m more than happy to take suggestions from anyone about other unusual objects for people to find.

And in case you’re interested, the round 11 winner of the Three-Minute Fiction, Ben Jahn’s story can be found here.  I highly recommend reading it.  It’s amazingly written and of course, it’ll only take three minutes of your time.

The Lake

The Mirror

The God of the Hollow

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