The Huntress

i’m going hunting

© Minestrone / Wikimedia Commons

© Minestrone / Wikimedia Commons

i arch my back into

the strong arc

of the huntress moon

and sharpen my sights

and my mind.


i stalk these woods,


for many stained years,

and crush the delicate lavender

under my breathless feet.


you should have remembered

my dear

my once but

no longer


that no man may move

through my world unmarked,

and that my mark

is a mar

that brings with it

both a certain kind

of beauty and the

sheerest drop of pain.



i’m going hunting

and i won’t stop

until you request

to bear my brand

on the inside

of your skin.


i won’t stop

i’m the huntress . . .

3 thoughts on “The Huntress

  1. Relentless. Relentlessly potent. There are no extra words or images here, it is perfectly taut and well-strung. I also love “My Dear” as a jolting incongruous wake-up call. The entire dichotomy works extremely well. (beauty/pain)


      • Thank you! One for your appreciation (your appreciation is appreciated!) and two, for your advice. I am clearly still so new to this whole thing and it’s incredibly helpful when someone takes the time to give suggestions for it’s improvement. I’m always open to advice. Isn’t that nice to hear? As a mother, I’m sure it’s so rare. You offer advice based on your life experience only to be dismissed because if you’re over the age of 21 you clearly have forgotten you no longer know anything worth knowing!


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