The Caldera

Halemaumau Caldera

we have made a caldera     you & I

the crossroads of our youth

formed the abruption.


I remember us two

lying before

someone else’s fire

your arm around me

in a moment

that was perfect


not then knowing

in a handful of days

a death would

lie between us

scarring my hands with

garnets and rubies

and painting you in shades of


even as you were swallowed

up in the labyrinth of time.


sometimes, I wonder:

does he evenYellowstone Caldera


or has my face

and my body

and the baby

faded into that

great grey space of the mind

where we reconcile

our disquiet

by diminishing it

to insignificance?


will I ever again

ebon his horizon

and burn through the ash and the dust

so that we may finish

up these loose threads

at last?

or will we disappear

into every empty place?

some things even time

can not erase.


the blood that we bred

will still bind us . . .

Hawaii Caldera

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