Pig Brigade


the pig brigadePig Brigade

is in the orange grove

cutting down the trees.

we never could please

the rude boys

the way too lewd boys

the fuck you over

and break your heart boys.


get down and take me

place me in your secret eyes


and tell me you loved me

so that I can have

one more reason

to be way too through

with the lés miserables you

so that I can tear up

every touch

I thought meant something

and pretend

that when you’re alone

you cry for me.


and the pig brigade is onBlood Oranges Cut

its way down

with oranges in their snouts

looking at the breaking sky

which is coming through the trees

like a thick, delirious disease.


played out,

worn out,

torn out,

you rude boy

you way too lewd boy

I fucked you over

and left you, boy

while the pig brigade sang

and danced in the orange grove

under a deep, December sky . . .



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