IMG_0782I’m a biochemist who originally began life as a writer.  I started writing stories when I was five, attempted my first novel at eight, and made the leap into teenage-angsty poetry around fourteen.  Somewhere between then and my early twenties I discovered my love of science and writing went on the back burner for awhile, but never died out completely (I have lots of twenty something-angsty poetry to prove it).

A few years ago I decided to take some time off from the science and focus on raising my two youngest girls (my oldest is pretty self-sufficient at this point) and thought that this was a good time to rediscover my first love.  You know, with all the free time that moms usually have so much of. But somehow I’ve managed to finish one novel, get a good start on another, as well as come up with the rough outlines for several more. That’s in addition to short stories and flash fiction and poetry, all done between the diaper changes, kissing bump-on-a-heads, singing songs, and reading lots and lots of stories.

My main focus is on upper middle grade and young adult novels but I also enjoy writing for adults, usually in the form of short stories.  As the mother of a biracial daughter diversity is an important aspect, but not the main focus, of many of my works.  But at heart I’m really just a sucker for a good underdog story.

Aren’t we all?

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