Sorry For the Delay

Sorry for the Delay


Seriously, I am.  I dropped off the face of the world and I really didn’t mean to, but something’s come up.  Something big.  Really big.  Really good, but really, really unexpected.  But good.  And I swear I’ll go into more details when the time’s right.  Suffice to say things will hopefully be getting back to normal in a few weeks, but for right now everything’s been kind of turned on its head and I’m juggling a lot.

Also, it’s finally Spring here and my husband and I are desperately trying to get our backyard toddler friendly for our two smallest before the rancid heat of Summer sets in, in about, oh, two more weeks.  I never realized our backyard was mostly rocks.  Or full of rabbit holes.  And then there’s that huge pile of dead, rotting leaves in one corner that my husband keeps trying to convince me is compost.  Today it left our yard for good.  So we’re almost there.

All that combined with an exhaustion like I’ve never experienced before leaves me good for little but blank stares and sleep, when I can get it.  In fact, I’ve been so tired lately that there have literally been instances of me nodding off while I was standing up or when I was bathing my youngest ones.  In fact, I’m starting to drift as I type, so I’m going to go now, but I’ll be back soon.  I promise.  Thanks for all your support.  I really do appreciate it!


JM Gajda

Turtle Crossing Street

6 thoughts on “Sorry For the Delay

  1. While you Delay, I’d like to Relay my pleasure that you are all doing well. All of us here are looking forward to when you will be here again. In the meantime, do take care, and keep your sleepy head out of the tub of water!


    • Thanks, Grace! I really do appreciate your kind words (as always). My head only occasionally dips in the tub water, so that’s an improvement. I’m eager to get back to reading everyone’s blog as well as post about what’s going on, but you know, timing. 😉

      I’ll see you around the blogosphere soon! 🙂

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  2. I nominated you for a Dragon’s Loyalty Award to recognize your faithfulness to my blog. Please visit my latest post to learn more about this award, and to leave a comment describing how you choose blogs to follow, and why you “Like” and leave comments on blogs.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I send my best wishes, as always…


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