Temporarily Out of Service

Temporarily Out of Service

We’re sorry to inform you that at this time the resident writer/blogger is temporarily out of service.  Her husband’s departure for a business trip coupled with an unforeseen illness has rendered her temporarily unable to post/write/blog.  She will be doing her best to read and comment but we ask for your patience at this time.  Normal writing/blogging duties should resume next week.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you’ll accept our free offer of a picture of the writer/blogger’s toddler with a feather headband that makes her look like a Dr. Seuss character.  Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Fiora Christmas Pegasus

I’m the one who ate the diaper cream!

9 thoughts on “Temporarily Out of Service

  1. THAT is the most darling photo EVER. Oh my gosh. A Seuss character, yes – – but far more adorable. So is there no forwarding address or phone number for the “Out of Order” author at the moment? We just wait patiently, I suppose. I know, I know . . . I am giving you a hard time when it is I, oh faithful reader, who has some catching up to do. I like printing out your new sections and marking them up with pen and my stupid printer says it cannot connect with the network. Oh bother. I will have to cope with what I have, I suppose. But can I have a Seussical Toddler too?


  2. Checking in next day to make sure you’re not too ill. Wish I could bring you soup – – I could do some colored ones (tomato or split pea or pumpkin?) to add to the interesting stains on your kitchen floor? 😉 Jewish chicken soup is such a boring clear liquid.

    Feel better!


    • Define ‘ok’. Just kidding. Sort of. Toddler is at this very moment shrieking at the top of her lungs like she does every morning from 5:30 to 7:00am. My husband comes home today. Thank god. Hopefully I’ll be back soon. I’m going to need to recuperate a bit. 🙂


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