The Jinx

I’ve been sick the past few days.  The kind that makes you too exhausted to crawl out of bed. I got it from the toddler, who gave it to my husband, who gave it to me. Tonight, while we were lounging on the couch he said something to the effect of “Well, at least the baby didn’t get sick” to which I immediately shouted, “NO!!! You’ve doomed us all! Now of course the baby’s going to get sick. Why? Dear God, why?!?”

The resulting conversation ended up with what I consider one of our finest collaborations to date: our very own Meme. We hope you enjoy!

The Jinx

Image source: Gajitz

8 thoughts on “The Jinx

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! C’mon and Comment, people! This meme is terrific!! The whole post is terrific. But there must now be some way in your family (some inside joke way) to reverse the process, once uttered. A do-over? I dunno. Anyhow, the whole thing also reminds me of why I never EVER make any sort of white-lie excuse using someone I care about to get out of doing something with someone else. i.e. “I’d love to come help you with your garage sale, Sarah, but my mother is under the weather and I promised to cook and clean for her today.” Guaranteed next day — I’m doing windows at mom’s and putting a roast in her oven!

    ps. This whole topic just reminded me of a piece of Flash Fiction I wrote. I think I will get brave and make a new page and post some of that stuff. I always wanted to call it “Fun-Size Fiction.” Think I will. Anyhow, I digress – – love this post!


  2. I love your idea of “Fun-Size Fiction”! Now I’m thinking about Snickers . . .

    Ok, I’m back. Unfortunately, no, once the words have been uttered they are irrevocably entangled with inevitability, which is just a bunch of words for “You said it, now the opposite’s a gonna come true!” This usually manifests when someone (my husband!) will say “Well, she didn’t nap so she should sleep well tonight!” or “She ran around so much at the park she should fall right asleep!” or “At least the baby won’t be teething for the long drive ahead.” You get the idea.

    Luckily, I never have had that problem with white lies. Maybe that’s because I usually reserve them for people’s hair (not yours!) or clothing choices once it’s too late for them to change.

    So thanks for liking my meme! I will let my husband know and he will smile which is a really enthusiastic response from him. And I’m excited to read your fun-size fiction!


    ps. Hope your bday party was AWESOME!


  3. I followed everything you just said. Perfectly. Did your husband make that meme himself? What will it take to elicit a chuckle instead of a smile from him? Birthday party was indeed awesome. Thank you. Wish we lived closer as I know you would have really livened things up even more. Oh, and all it took was my passing by a Burger King and I changed Fun-Sized to “Fast Food Fiction” but it IS indeed up now, the new heading/page and a piece I wrote last year which this whole “The Jinx” posting of yours triggered the memory of in the first place.

    I have bunches of this Flash Fiction stuff. Maybe I’ll start slowly putting them up, but I don’t want to freak anyone out prefers giggles (obviously not your husband?) instead of seriousness when they come to my blog.

    All sickness eradicated from your household yet?? Here’s hoping.


    • Eliciting an actual chuckle from my husband? Good luck! He’s one of those really annoying people who’s super, super funny but is almost impossible to make genuinely laugh. He chuckles over the silly things our kids do. He usually just smiles or gives a chuck (i.e. singular of chuckles) whenever I say anything funny, and you know how terribly witty I am. ALL THE TIME!

      I actually made him laugh to the point of tears twice, in seven years. That’s it. He’s a tough cookie, that one.

      I’m so glad your bday party rocked! And yes, I would have loved it. I’m not usually a fan of bowling, but for you I would’ve strapped those mismatched shoes on, bowled my heart out, and cheered and laughed it up! So much better than watching Dora solve one of her pedestrian little mysteries, again.

      I’m looking forward to your Fun-sized Fast Food Fiction! You could always start a new blog if you don’t want to mix genres. I think you can do that easily on WordPress, right?

      Sickness still clinging to the inside of my nasal passages. Occasionally running a low temp. Also very tired, but that could be due to the time change. Will stop rambling now, thanks for asking!



      • Ugh, feel all the way better, Jessica! PS. I have been hesitant to write your name because one of my best friends is Jessica but I call her Jessie, and I’ve been afraid I would slip up and do that with you too. Do you go by full name?


      • I do go by my full name. I am recalling being talked down to by people who called me Jessie (shudder) and one very unfortunate girl named Jess that I never want to be confused with, ever (it’s a long story).

        So yup, full name! 🙂

        Thanks for the well wishes!


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